Gas permeable lenses

The gas permeable contact lenses  (GP or semi-rigid) are one of the first lenses that appeared on the market, but soft lenses are more comfortable and easy to adjust, they end up imposing. Currently, the continuous improvement and development of design materials and geometry, the GP lens returns to position in a highly competitive industry, and according to our criteria is one of the best lenses in the market.

Less flexible and smaller than soft lenses. Transmit a significant amount of oxygen that varies depending on the permeability of the material. Currently, there are materials with high permeability so that the cornea receives oxygen similar to the one that would get without wearing contact lens. Therefore, maintain excellent eye health and the incidence of complications is lower than with soft lenses. It offers view quality over any other type of lens.

It requires an adjustment period of about a week, after which you can enjoy a clear and stable vision, its comfort is comparable to soft lenses, which in our opinion is more important, less risk of long-term complications.

With them we achieve to solve any degree of myopia, astigmatism and multi-focal with new designs, presbyopia (farsightedness). They last a year and a half.

They are ideal if you want a lens for daily use, for non-contact sports if you have irregular corneas (keratoconus, trauma, post-laser surgery, corneal transplant, etc.), If you want to control or eliminate your myopia (Ortho-K) or if you have dry eyes.