Did you know that with orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) myopia can be corrected while you sleep and leave aside glasses and contact lenses during the day?

Orthokeratology produces, within a controlled manner, the necessary changes in the cornea for good vision without surgery or use glasses or contact lenses during the day, using only the lenses overnight while you sleep. Effects are produced from the first day, reaching the optimum changes within a few days of use.

Basically it treats myopia up to -4.50 with low astigmatism, although there are studies and design tests for farsightedness and astigmatism. Our optometrists will perform an initial visit to assess the appropriate treatment that also includes a complete visual examination of the corneal topography.

The treatment, for which we use specific gas permeable lenses, it is reversible thanks to the corneal structure which is flexible and moldable so that discontinue using the lens, changes that had occurred will return to its initial state. These lenses do not “shake” or “crush” the cornea, they are able to modify the curvature due to the hydrodynamic forces generated between the cornea and the contact lens, space that should always be filled with tears.

Not being necessary any visual aid during the day becomes an ideal system for athletes, people who work in environments with dust, people who can not or do not want surgery, or simply having difficulties in the use of glasses or contact lenses in a conventional system use (police, firefighters, pilots, opponents, etc.).

One of the main advantages of orthokeratology is that it favors controlling myopia in children and teenagers, as more and more studies reveal, so we can stop or slow it down.

If you believe that Ortho-k can improve your quality of life and need more information do not hesitate to contact us.