Contact lenses adaptation

According to our methodology, we never choose your contact lenses randomly, but always make a detailed study of your case so as to offer those contact lenses which are more suitable for your eye and your way of life.

Visual examination, measurement and control of the eye’s structure that get in contact with the contact lense (cornea, eyelid, conjunctiva, etc.) and the analysis of your teardrop, together with some aspects of your everyday life, such as work, hobbies, practise of sports and the surroundings where you live, give us all the needed information for an adaptation of your contact lenses with your needs. In the same way, attending to your particular conditions and the recommended contact lenses, we choose the proper maintenance solution to clean and disinfect your lenses.

And now it is time for practise. Before we give you your new contact lenses, we spend the necessary time that you need for learning how to put and remove them, following the correct technique, as well as everything about their handling and preservation.

Our target is to achieve that you use your lenses comfortably and moreover safely!