Pediatrics optometry

Having the sight of a child examinated by an eyecare professional can help to get a highest success at school, being that the 80% of what a child learns comes through his eyes. An earliest detection of any visual anomaly is crucially important in order to prevent future learning disorders, hence the importance of a complete visual exam adapted to the child’s age.

According to the recommendation of the American Association of Optometry, it is advisable that the optometrist examines child vision according to the following guideline:

  • Between the birth and two years, it is advisable to make an exploration at the age of six months. And if there is any problem, visit after six months.
  • Between two and five years, it is advisable an exploration at age of three (beginning of Kindergarten) if there is any problem follow the instructions of the professional.
  • Between six and eighteen years, a visual exam should be done before starting school (beginning of Elementary School), and after that, every two years. And if there are visual problems, it is advisable to do it every year.