ÒPTIC Platja d’Aro reaches the world of telemedicine thanks to OPTretina, the first network of optician optometrists for blindness prevention, consisting in a community of more than 500 opticians and a group of expert ophthalmologists in retina.

Retinography is a diagnostic test that allows us to get high quality photographies of the fundus, specifically the central retina. It is a simple and harmless method in order to dismiss the major diseases of the central area of the retina as well as the age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), also diabetic retinopathy, extensive retinal detachment and venous thrombosis, among others. It does not replace an exploration or a complete diagnosis completed by an ophthalmologist, but this system has proved its efficiency for the screening and early detection of the main causes of blindness in our country.

All retinographies done in our cabinet are sent to OPTretina, where an expert ophthalmologist in retina will evaluate the images and will release a report about the status of your retina, that we will give you within 48 hours, with his member’s number and signature.

This is a pioneer service that we are proud to offer you because it’s extremely useful.